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True, but there's nothing we can do about off-site caches or copies. Which is another reason why it's best to avoid revealing such info in the first place.
That's pretty much what I was thinking really.

Cos not only companies but also disgruntled customers might use it too. Especially those threads where we reveal our FB info. cos some of us have real info on those FB accounts. And the last thing we need is some Entitlement Whore tracking us down to give us a piece of an empty mind, or this or any other info ... as fuel to try to punish us at work.

Cos hell to some SCs & EWs "off the clock" doesn't exist - and anything you cay or do in private is fair game to bring to your boss to get you in trouble. I call it "arocking" someone. (versions 2 & 3) (guess i should toss in the obligatory "fuarock" in now too)

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