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Reggie looked at the people standing around the room. All seemed to be considering the words they just heard. He only knew the compulsion he was under, and that he had no choice but to be involved in this.

Reggie spoke: “My name is Reggie. I am new to all of you here, and I am a zombie. 200 years ago I had been press-ganged onto a slave ship sailing from west Africa to the Caribbean. A British antislavery patrol chanced upon us. Seeing that we were out-gunned, the Captain ordered our cargo to be jettisoned. As we were herding those poor souls out the lower ports, one woman turned to me and said “I curse you to become one of the undead, and to stand in my stead to fight the Great Evil if and when it returns to enslave humanity. With my death, you shall thus forever be bound.’ I had wondered what she meant by that. Now I know. I will stand with you and do what I can to defeat Malbozia and his minions.”
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