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Liam - Headed to the Hotel

Liam nods to Mac Dubh and starts to head out. He stops short realizing the falcata is still in his hand. "Um... Oi can't go out wit' t'is. Why exactly didn' mam see fit to have it come wit' a scabbard?" Just as he finishes asking and turns his thoughts to hiding the weapon, it vanishes.

He stares at his now empty hand a moment, "Oh. Well t'en I suppose Oi'll see ye when t'e time comes." He inclines his head once more and heads out in the direction of the hotel.

Riley - Room 714

Riley nods, "Right... poker tournament. I wonder If I'll get to play against that Cajun fellow again. He was good." She looks at Holtzman as a thought occurs to her, "Hey should I be going back to my old room? Or is it like... compromised now?"