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Lupo looks at the man, who's stance definitely speaks of a seasoned warrior, and immediately thinks "What it would be to go a few rounds in the ring with him, what I could learn" eve if instinctively Lupo knew he would last maybe a split second .. IF this man was feeling generous. He would still do it, he would never back down from a challenge, he doesn't know HOW to back down..but he also knew he'd have as much chance as a newborn infant against Ali when Ali was in his prime.

"You are the one who spoke to me, in my head, a bit ago. It is interesting to finally meet you."


Kiki still is taking everything in..she doesn't quite have the mentality of Lupo who has learned to 'roll with the punches' (pardon the pun). She thinks awhile before saying. " lets me see things. I don't think we are the only ones around here. According to this..more things like those you destroyed.and more like us are around."
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