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Hotel Room 1212 - Meeting of the Minds

Brighton takes the lead on Riley's question. "Officially, there's a state of détente between us all while we deal with the Titans. Basically, while the war is on, we're not supposed to snipe at each other."

"Unofficially," Anna interjects, "there's plans within plans as each pantheon works to try to undermine the others."

"And within each pantheon as well," Art adds. "I mean, within the Aesir, everyone hates Loki and doesn't trust him a bit, given the role he's destined to play in Ragnarok. In the Egyptians, no one really trusts Set. Athena and Ares always try to push that their own points of view on warfare are superior to the other's."

"We're all one big family," Selene cuts in without looking around. "With all that that entails. Point to consider: Cain and Abel were brothers, too."

"Not that we've found any actual evidence that they were real," Anna points out.

Solomon, meanwhile, nods with approval at Kiki's selections. He shows her how to attune the pistols to herself, so that she could hide and summon them at will. "Way I see it," the Aussie says, "we can either spend all our time trying to backstab each other, or we put family politics aside and stop the Titans and MacBride."
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