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Finally getting these down - that third one could turn into a rather lengthy story if I find the time to write it.

Where You're From
Aspect: Snubbed Genius (in his opinion, at least)

Despite always being a bright child, Randall always seemed somewhat troubled. His numerous quirks worsened as he aged, and lead to no end of trouble for him in school and his personal life. He personally has always felt everyone should have gotten over it and let him do what he wanted.

What Shaped You
Aspect: It's Not Paranoia If...

As Randall made his way through school and got into a major university, it was always a question whether he'd be breezing through on scholarships, or finally crack and let the doctors settle on a diagnosis. Despite medication, psychiatry, and theories about a complex form of schizophrenia, Randall was more interested in the growing hints that he wasn't crazy, just more perceptive than others.

What Was Your First Adventure
Aspect: Damn Incorporeal Nuisance

Randall was doing his best to keep his head straight, ignore the voices, visions, and vaguely threatening sensations - and definitely the occasional prediction of doom that was inevitably chalked up to paranoid fantasy (not that anyone ever bothered to check his notes after the fact) - to focus on his schoolwork. It was even working. Up until he was visited by the late victim of a campus stalker, who demanded his help. Constantly. And generally made life difficult until he accepted. To make a long story short, helping those in need does wonders for one's sense of self; but the fights, police investigations, psychiatrist visits, interruption of studies, unexcused absences, and general disruption of life involved isn't quite so good for one's academic career. So school didn't exactly pan out. Oh, and despite getting revenge for her death and all that, Reilly the ghost still isn't moving on, instead apparently favoring his company. Joy.

Suggestions for our crossover stories, guys?
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