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What I have so far... ((And yes I thought the 'Gang Sucks' and this background for my character could prove interesting. As he was in a gang, and another of the characters dislikes gangs ))

Total Refresh: 1 Curent Fate Points: 1
Template: Focused Practitioner
Name: Jad Frost
Age: 16 Hair: Blond Eyes: Blue Height: 5'7'' Weight: 185
High Concept: Troubled Kinetomancer
Trouble: It’s all in his mind
1: Aspect: Part of a Pack (Where did you come from)
2: Aspect: Gang Colors (what shaped you)
3: Aspect: I’ve got a splitting headache (first adventure)
4: Aspect: ((Need Help With this)) (crossed paths)
5: Aspect: Into the Fire with Peter Salt (also staring)

Physical: 4
Social: 2
Mental: 4

Mild - Any
Moderate - Any
Severe - Any


Average (2 skills)Alertness, Deceit
Fair (2 Skills) Investigation, Craftsmanship
Good (2 Skills) Discipline, Burglary
Great (2 Skills) Conviction, Endurance

The Big Picture (Burglary), Monkey With A Wrench and Jury Rig (Craftsmanship)


Channeling (Spirit) (-2) : Kinetic Energy (Moving things (organic and inorganic) with his mind)

Where Are you From: Cincinnati Oh, Homeless, No Family
Trouble: It's all in his mind.
Aspect: Part of the Pack.
He ran away from a foster home after being placed there when his family was killed in a boat accident. He took up with a gang, and has a 'rap sheet' as long as his arm. Breaking and entering, theft, and the like.He has not had a family since 13, and is seriously troubled and rebellious. He finds it hard to trust anybody. He was part of a gang for awhile, but they abandoned him when his 'weirdness' began.

When his powers activate, he can get splitting headaches. His powers are all mental based, and he thinks he is going crazy. If he is not really concentrating it can get out of his control, sending objects and even people flying. Right now he gets drained if using his abilities. Takes as much effort to lift a book with his mind as it would to physically lift and carry it. (In other words he can only lift as much with his mind as he could physically lift, and he gets just as tired as he would if doing it physically). While he was part of the gang, he learned a few things. Like how to hotwire a car, pick locks, how to get around security systems. He was a quick learner. He is skilled at breaking the law, not so much in following it. Now he can open a lock with his mind, if it is not a complex one.

Gang Colors
He would have done anything for the gang, including kill if they asked. To him they were his only family, and several times he went to jail for something one of the other members did. However, as soon as his powers manifested themselves, the gang dropped him like a bad habit. Consequently he has trouble trusting anybody. He is still feeling loyal to them, despite the fact they are not loyal to him.

I've got a splitting Headache
During an attempted heist of some artwork in a museum, his power first manifested itself, and was out of his control. Objects started flying around the room, and set off the alarm, and the gang beat it post haste, leaving him with a splitting headache, facing serious trouble, and just plain out of luck... currently a guest in a mental ward..and even if he can get out..the police will keep an eye on him as he is considered a delinquent.

Into the Fire - guest starring Peter Salt

One night down at the Five-Leaf Clover, after being sprung from the loony bin Jad met Peter Salt. Although he didn't really trust this Peter guy, since he didn't trust anybody right now, he decided to give it a go. Besides, he needed to blow off some steam after being pinched for the museum job. Some good mindless destruction might just do the trick.

They split up a bit in Thomas Park, but both ran across the "weird creep" about the same time. Said "creep" turned out to be a ghoul. Out of pure fear and instinct Jad had thrown up his hands to protect his face, and suddenly rocks started to pelt the Ghoul. Jad kept it off-balance with another rock throw, just long enough for a furious Peter to hit it with a fireball. The ghoul was thoroughly "burninated," and the two ghoul-killers had found a kindred spirit of sorts, a kinetomancer meeting a pyromancer. Jad's power still sort of weirded him out, but he thought this Peter guy's power was awesome. For a bit he thought of all the mischief the two could do, if Jad could over come his hesitancy to use his power, but thought that most likely Peter could do it on his own. Pictures of fire shaped in the form of tigers, dragons, or such still wormed the way into his mind.

Also Starring - Guest Starring Randall Williams
Aspect: Some things are better off staying secret.

Jad had thought moving things with his mind was scary enough, he couldn't have even imagined having some invisible girl talking to him. He believed the other guy though. Heck, the other person would probably think HE was crazy if he started talking about being able to lift up people or objects with his mind. So it was easier to talk about the invisible girl. Much, much easier.
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