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What part of caustic chemical burn don't you understand
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Default What part of caustic chemical burn don't you understand

So SC gets to till and we go through the usual spiel and I reach for her bags to start packing. A couple seconds later I notice tingling in my hand and as I have some rather severe nerve damage I look down to check that I haven't accidentally severed my hand or something. Nope, but whatever she had in that bag previously was some kind of chemical and not the kind one should touch without gloves. I immediately get someone to take over, call someone to replace the already packed groceries in that bag (clearly if whatever's causing that reaction with my hand is on the bag you probably don't want to be eating whatever food was in that bag, and I tell my replacement to wear gloves just in case. Our gloves suck but it should give some protection at least. Of course, the SC flips her shit. Saying I shouldn't abandon customers mid order and how dare I get someone else to do my job and don't I have any work ethic.... Blah blah blah. We did toss the contaminated bag but we gave her a free replacement (that was actually better as it didn't have holes in it) because we are legally required to. We can't give back something we know will harm a customer.

The funny bit is she tried to say that it was the plastic in the bags that was causing a reaction and I must just be sensitive (I look at her hands and notice they also have slight chemical burns to them. I do offer first aid but they don't have to accept).
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