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It can be difficult to do. I joined my current company about 18 years ago, and they didn't really have a Unit Test framework at the time. My job before it was heavy on Unit Testing and I did miss that framework at the time, but I was too junior to push it back then. Still a few years later, some of our teams started developing unit tests and making it our policy. There was some resistance, and it's taken a long time to get decent coverage. But now, everyone is grateful we have the coverage we have for the tests. It has allowed us the freedom and confidence to do some major refactoring and updating of our systems and know we haven't broken things worst than it was before.

At the moment the code base I work in the most has about 25,000+ unit tests; takes about 5 minutes to run fully without debugging in release. And some of our other big modules have 10k tests as well; all written in the past dozen years or so.