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It would be really great to get back to that again, so people don't have to start their posts with apologies that their story is not as epic as some, or so they don't tend to embellish and spice up the story to measure up to the 'Vinegar Boy' standard.
Was Vinegar boy ever true? I remember reading that back when Slugger was in charge. (... Have I been a member that long? It seems long, but doesnt o_O).

I vaguly remember too that not as many bickering. I never really thought of justifing stories. Mostly because you experence any customer service, your going to get moments that are so off the wall you can't possibly belive its happening. But it is. I have one or two that I won't post. I guess because it would seem too off the wall, and even I still refused it happen.

But it did.

Doesn't use real corn indeed.
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