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Correct usage of Fratching
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Default Correct usage of Fratching

Fratching is a board licence I pay for so political and controversial stuff can be posted. Like this site, it's free and we don't spam you, but we expect you to stand up for yourself far more than you do here.

Correct usage of Fratching is to think whether or not something is the right thing to say, and if it isn't (feel free to check with a moderator - we only bite if you pay extra) then start a thread about the issue over there (possibly with a link back) and mention in the thread that you'd like to discuss the harsher issues there.

Incorrect usage is to talk about Fratching, meaning that you've already thought it could go down that route, and then say whatever you feel like saying as if it's a shield of immunity.

We've seen too many similar instances of late. We're quite happy to hand out infractions in the worst cases.