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Location: Summer’s Cafe, Las Vegas

Thirty-nine hours, one cross-country flight, two hangovers, and one trip to a Michael’s later - actually, hangover #2 is still being an late staying guest, so take that under consideration - and Aiden is in the wonderful city of Las Vegas.


With fatigue settling on his eyelids, he cleans up as well as he can at the hotel, tossing on a pair of khakis and a t-shirt with some weathered 80’s version of an advertising logo on it. It’s too godsawful hot here even in early May for him to go around in business casual.

Then he picks up the bag from Michael’s and sets out.

Summer’s Cafe is a nice cozy place, a storefront the drunks and malcontents let their eyes pass over easily. Aiden was impressed by the discreet charms on it the first time he’d come. They brewed a quality cup of coffee and their espresso was pulled by hand. And, if you talk to the owner the right way and pass her a twenty, she’ll drip in some of her homemade hangover remedy - the kind a scion of a healing deity would make, the kind that really did work. Aiden had never been so rude as to inquire about the particulars of her heritage, of course.

He settles himself into a chair in a corner, nibbles slowly on a digestive biscuit while sipping the hot coffee. And when his brain pushes enough of the cobwebs out of the way, he retrieves his parcel and begins work.

Needle through the loop, yarn around the needle, pull it through and pull it off.

He’d seen cold in the future when he’d wound the thread. Perhaps a nice fluffy scarf.

[Please feel free to drop in and introduce yourself. While I don’t think Aiden’s worked with any of these particular scions before, they may have seen him in passing at one point or another.]