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So many Special Snowflakes....
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Default So many Special Snowflakes....

I swear, this year has been the Year of I-Don't-Like-The-Rules.

Everybody thinks their special case is the one that deserves unique consideration with sprinkles on top, because, well take your pick:

The requirements are too hard (doesn't change the law)

Nobody anywhere else asked them to do this (doesn't change the law)

They didn't read the email telling them what they needed (still doesn't change the law)

They're too important to be lumped into the same requirements as everyone else (all together now on the chorus)

Seriously, I've wasted so much time on these - explaining on the phone why they can't be exempt. Then explaining in writing the same thing. Then I have to collect all the documents and type them up for the manager who says no. Then they appeal the decision and I have to re-type it including the appeal for the director who says no. Then they appeal that decision and it has to go to the committee meeting and the committee says no.

And then they decide it's too much trouble to meet the requirements and don't bother finishing their applications, and I've now spent hours dealing with someone who then says "meh, no thanks" and vanishes. I even tell them in advance how many appeals I've processed this year, and that all of them were denied, and they still put me through this.

I have so much other work to do....