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I get this a lot in civil service, and I think it comes from retail work where so many people have learned that Tantrum = Doing what I Want-How I Want-Getting what I Want. It seemingly blows their mind that sometimes No actually means: No, because I will not break the law and lose my job because you will be inconvenienced.

One lady even told me that I should give her a discount for her "inconvenience." I explained:
(1) Discount? Our fees are set by law. This isn't Kmart.
(2) Inconvenience? You are required by law to furnish proof of insurance when renewing your car registration. We allowed you to have your insurance agent fax in your insurance (on our fax), and we allowed you to get back to the front of the line once it came in. The only ones inconvenienced are us and the other customers.
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