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I just had another one. She is owed a refund, but so much of what happened is her fault.

10/4, busy Friday afternoon. Lady does not want to wait to renew her plates. She sees this machine we have, which is basically an ATM for car plate tags, and she goes to use it. The machine prints out her tag and registration, and a receipt for her credit card, which shows she was charged an extra $2, so she comes up to the counter and asks one of the clerks about the extra $2. The clerk said: "It tells you that there is an extra $2 per tag to use the machine." The customer fluttered at me telling me: "I don't read those screens!" Mistake #1.

Now she was a little ticked, and she flounced over to the machine to do the other vehicle, but she was a little hot, and she renews the same plate (and pays for it) again. Mistake #2. She asks the clerk if she can just use the second tag on the other car: only if you really want your car impounded if you get pulled over.

Finally, she renews her other plate. She says she gave the clerk her extra registration, and the clerk said that the state would reverse the charges, and she leaves. Except she doesn't remember which clerk she spoke to, and none of the clerks remember her.

So I have applied for a refund for her, but she tells me to tell the finance department that they also need to send her extra as a penalty. She made me promise to tell them that, and the Finance department had a good laugh. I did try to explain to her that won't be happening, but she kept insisting it was our fault. Now, if she did truly hand the extra one over to one of the clerks (and a few are so ditsy to have completely forgotten having accepted one and forgot to submit it the same day), then that part is our mistake. But every other part was her own doing.
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