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Lady does not want to wait to renew her plates. She sees this machine we have, which is basically an ATM for car plate tags, and she goes to use it. The machine prints out her tag and registration, and a receipt for her credit card, which shows she was charged an extra $2, so she comes up to the counter and asks one of the clerks about the extra $2. The clerk said: "It tells you that there is an extra $2 per tag to use the machine." The customer fluttered at me telling me: "I don't read those screens!" Mistake #1.

Now she was a little ticked, and she flounced over to the machine to do the other vehicle, but she was a little hot, and she renews the same plate (and pays for it) again.
Having spent some time as a programmer, I've got a bit of sympathy for the SC. This is one of the things that should have been anticipated in the spec - someone renewing multiple plates, getting distracted, and entering the same plate again rather than one which hasn't been renewed.

Proper practice would be, rather than blindly renewing the same plate (system should KNOW that the plate has already been renewed, since the plate number serves as a unique identifier), pop up a message box telling the person that this is a duplicate renewal, and if they were trying to go for a 2-year renewal rather than a 1-year but accidentally entered 1 year the first time, they would need to resolve the issue at the counter (necessity of taking back the 1 year sticker and ensuring it's complete is beyond the capabilities of the kiosk).

Of course, a REALLY user-friendly system would then pop up a list of plates registered to the same entity but not yet renewed, asking if they want to renew one of them or cancel the transaction.
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