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Template: Focused Practitioner
Name: Emma Baker
Age: 20 Hair: Brown Eyes: Blue Height: 5'2'' Weight: 145lbs
High Concept: (Wants to be) The World's Best Enchanter
Trouble: Mom Owes a Debt to the White Court
1: Aspect: My Dad is in the Loony Bin (where are you from)
2: Aspect: Gangs Suck! (what shaped you)
3: Aspect: Surprise you're a Wizard (first adventure)
4: Aspect: This is what losing control looks like (crossed paths)
5: Aspect: I guess it could be worse (also starring)

Physical: 3
Social: 3
Mental: 4

Mild - Any
Moderate - Any
Severe - Any

Great (+4) Lore
Great (+4) Craftsmanship
Good (+3) Discipline
Good (+3) Conviction
Fair (+2) Athletics
Fair (+2) Alertness
Average (+1) Endurance
Average (+1) Presence

Powers: (-5)

Ritual (-2) (Crafting Enchanted Items)
The Sight (-1)
Soul Gaze (0) (as aspect of The Sight)
Refinement (-1) (Enchanted items Frequency/Strength +1)
Refinement (-1) (Extra Enchanted Item Slots)

Items: 1 Focus Slot and 6 Enchanted Items Slots
Focus Item: Enchanted Multi-Tool (Swiss Army Knife) 1 Slot: Adds +1 Strength when used in crafting enchanted items.

Item 1: Fire Wand (small wooden rod): 4 Shift Fire Attack :: 4 uses per session
Recharge: Needs to sit near an open flame such as a fire place over night (several hours)
Slots used: 1

Item 2: Invisibility Ring (small silver ring): 4 Shift Veil + 2 Shifts for seeing out (Thaumaturgy Veil) :: 3 uses per session - 1 use lasts 10 minutes, the veil is not mobile
Recharge: Absorbs any light source (sun, lamp etc) to recharge over several hours
Slots used: 1

Item 3: Shield Ring (small copper ring): 4 Shift Force Block :: 4 uses per session
Recharge: Totally stealing Harry's ring: It saves up kinetic force from her movements
Slots used: 1

Item 4: Scrying Mirrors: Strength 2 Scry + Strength 2 Communication (Paired Item, each with Strength 1 Scry and Strength 1 Communication) :: 4 uses per session - allows scrying and 2 way communication with its twin within the Boston city limits. Elias has the twin.
Recharge: Simply by being in the presence of magic practitioners. Takes 24 hours to recharge after it is depleted.
Slots used: 1

2 Slots not Yet Used

Where Are you From: Toledo, OH/Mostly Poor/Surrogate Mother
Trouble: Mom Owes a Debt to the White Court
Aspect: My Dad is in the Loony Bin

Emma Baker was born an only child to a mundane family in Toledo, OH just over 20 years ago. Her father was a dentist and her mother an aspiring nurse. An illness left her mother, Connie, unable to bear children of her own despite being completely fertile. Wanting to have children she and Emma's Father, Jack, sought help from a local fertility clinic and eventually settled on transplanting one of Connie's eggs into a surrogate. Emma was born 9 months later a healthy baby girl. Shortly after that, and for reasons unknown to Connie and Emma to this, day Jack suffered a psychotic break. Growing up as a kid whose dad was in the loony bin caused Emma no end of troubles. She was bullied often in grade school and now tends to take a dim view of anyone that makes light of mental conditions.

What Shaped You: Raised by Grandma/Mom Killed by gang Violence/Nearly Committed
Aspect: Gangs Suck!

Toledo is such a dull city all Emma could ever think about was getting the hell out of dodge asap. With her dad in a psych ward and mom putting herself through school to try and get a decent job, the day to day care of Emma fell to her Grandma Manely. The two got along famously right up until the day Connie was killed in a gangland shootout between the bloods and the cryps. It was a simple case of wrong place wrong time. After that Emma became suicidal for a time and was nearly committed herself. It was only the thought of her father that kept her from going completely off the deep end. Her Grandmother tried to see her through these times, but like most adults "She just didn't get it."

What Was Your First Adventure: College and oh Crap I'm a Wizard
Aspect: Surprise you're a Wizard

Once Emma Graduated it was all she could do to get out of Toledo. She left Toledo for Boston College. Boston would be a nice place with lots to do and see, and more importantly it wasn't Toledo. She planned to major in Art or Architecture or something else equally artsy. That plan would have gone great if not for life throwing a monkey wrench into her plans as it is wont to do. After spending a year in school and switching majors 3 times Emma's latent powers began to awaken. At the time she didn't know it was her fault, but her latent magical energy spiked blowing a fuse in her dorm and nearly burning it down. Her spike in power caught the attention of a local man named Elias Pendegraft who began to pay much more attention to her.

Of course with her being a 19 something college girl and he a creepy old man she began to get that stalker vibe from him. Eventually she asked to have a restraining order taken out against him because the crazy old man was blabbing about magic and latent talent and just wouldn't leave her alone. Late one night when returning home to her dorm she found out he wasn't just a crazy old man. At first she thought her restraining order hadn't worked but then she noticed the creepy guy following her wasn't a creepy guy at all but a creepy monster. So she did what any sane 19 something college girl would. She screamed and ran like a scare little schoolgirl. Luckily for her Elias really was violating his restraining order. Her screams drew his attention and before she knew what the hell was going on he had fried the monster to a crisp. A ghoul he called it. A Fairly weak one, and one that had been attracted to her because of her power. Though it took her time to accept he explained to her that she had a talent, magic is real, and monsters and other scary things exist and if she would like, he would become her master and mentor.

Crossed Paths: Hide and go Seek - Guest Starring Peter Salt
Aspect: This is What Losing Control Looks Like

After her first year of training with Elias, almost to the day, he came to her and said he had a special task for her. It was rare he did this sort of thing. Said her inability to grasp the basics of the real magic was rough, but she'd learned enough to be trusted to go out on her own. He'd taught her about the White Council, it's laws of Magic and she'd even met a Warden when he told them he had taken her as an apprentice. So far all she had learned to do with her powers was to make a few trinkets, which Elias insisted was impressive enough, but for her she had seen him do more. She knew she could do more and that bothered her that she couldn't figure out how it was done, and Elias never really told her. He taught her enough "to save yer life kid." But that was it. His special task was to head out to South Boston and find a guy there that was starting fires. The stipulation to the task, track him down without any of her trinkets. All she could take was a piece of chalk, her knife, and her mutli-tool.

Despite not being allowed to use magic her first issue with this task was worse. Her dislike of gangs. Elias had learned about that after they had looked into each other's souls. Something he said all Wizard's could do. He knew what happened to her mother, and he knew how she felt about gangs. He said "If you can't get past petty issues like that, then you have no business using the real stuff." And so out she went. Shlepping all over South Boston asking questions of people she loathed, and surprisingly, once they found out she wasn't a cop, most folk just told her and laughed while they were doing it. Eventually she found herself down at The Five-Leaf Clover and that's when she saw Peter for the first time. And Somehow she knew it was him. She could feel the same vibe from him that she got from Elias. Granted it wasn't nearly as strong, but she knew he could use magic too and she knew now why Elias sent her after him. Of course in her wonder and amazement at this realization he had taken the time to slip away. She cursed herself but stopped and remembered something Elias used to say when he first began teaching her, "Magic takes brains kid. There isn't any amount of magic that will help you if you can't think for yourself. Despite fairy tales and other wonderful stories, magic is not a fix all. It's a tool, just like a knife, or a screw driver. All magic has a purpose and if you try to use it for something else it just won't work the way you want." She knew he meant for her to hone her ability to think problems through this way. So now her task was to figure out where this man would go. It didn't take long, but in his attempts to shake her off he set a car on fire... a freakin CAR! And he used that distraction to get away... again. Eventually though she did catch up to him and she told him who she was and why she was after him. She laid it all out, the council, the seven laws all of it except Elias.

She left Peter to himself after that with a warning to keep the laws of magic in mind or else someone other than her would be back. Once she was alone she called Elias to come and get her. While she waited for him, all she could think about was how easily and non-nonchalantly Peter has set that car on fire. And although to him he probably had firm control on what he could do, to her, that was the scariest thing she had seen anyone do with magic. Sure Elias had roasted a monster to death right in front of her, but that was different. That was to save her life. Peter had done what he did just because he could and it let him get away from her. What if she could do that... when she learned how anyway. Would learning to use that kind of magic maker her so callous? She still hasn't told Elias that she figured out the secondary aspect to his lesson, and she isn't sure if she ever will share her new secret fear with him.

Also Starring: Animal, Vegetable, Mineral and Monster - Guest Starring Randall Williams
Aspect: I Guess it Could be Worse

One of Elias's more sadistic, in her opinion, methods of training is to send Emma out to the public library to do research. Of course this isn't just any research. This involves going out and asking about books on various types of monsters. The goal of the training is to "Think for one's self" as he would put it. That simply meant trying to weed out the truth from the plausible, the, crap and the outright wrong. This was made all the more difficult by the fact that the librarian lady seemed to be in on the joke. She never batted an eye when Emma would come in and ask for all manner of strange books. In fact the time she asked about Vampires, instead of asking "Blake, Stoker, or Meyer" with a slight scoff at the end like she usually did she just gave her a section number to loook at with a wink.

So when one particular day the topic turned out to be ghosts Emma just sighed, and nodded, and headed off to the library as usual. "Hi Christina." She said as she approached the main desk. And it had to be Christina, woe betide anyone who said Chris, Tina, or any other shortening of the name. "Hello dear. What's the monster of the week today?" Emma gave a genuine smile. Whatever else you might say about the library lady, Emma liked her. "Ghosts." Christina rattled of a section number without missing a beat and pointed for Emma's benefit. "Oh and it's on the second floor dear." As Emma headed off Christina called out "Better take the stairs dear, wouldn't want you getting stuck." As Emma headed to the stairwell she swore Christina had just chuckled.

So the next few hours found Emma dragging out thick books on spirits, wraiths, ghosts, geists, poltergeists and all other manner of woojie woojie dead things. She had a habit of speaking out loud while lost in thought which on this particular day happened to attract the attention of another of the library's patrons. "Huh... burn the bones to dispel a ghost. I don't know... seems legit." She said to no one. From behind her she heard a scoff, "Total crap." She turned to look at the man who had spoken and found herself face to face, and much to her dismay, eye to eye with Randall Williams. She felt herself get pulled into a soulgaze almost immediately. (we can work out the details of what they each saw later) She almost reflexively found herself whispering after "Oh you poor bastard..." she blushed... "I mean... um..." Of course the man's immediate reaction was to ask "What the hell just happened." She did her best to explain what a soulgaze was and thought for sure he would call her loony. Instead the man he seemed more interested in her topic of study than anything else and the two spent the next hour chatting about ghosts and the like far more comfortably than any two sane people had a right to be. Afterward they parted ways, but not before Emma started to get the sense that maybe, just maybe, some people had it worse off than she did.

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