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Character: Peter Salt
Player: Jay 2K Winger
Template: Focused Practitioner (Pyromancer)

Physical Description: About 6'3", 260 pounds or so, fairly bulky of build. Peter has short dark hair and intense dark eyes. He has a tendency to wear t-shirts, often sports-related (he's a huge Red Sox fan) and a black leather jacket, with blue jeans and sneakers.

Phase One: Down and Dirty South Boston Lad
Peter was born in South Boston, and from an early age, things never were easy. Marilyn and David Salt both had to take jobs in order to make ends meet, and Peter, left to his own devices, inevitably got into trouble. From falling in with the gangs, the Marine Park Breakers, in particular, to starting fires in trashbins and back alleys, Peter never put much stock into schooling, cruising along with just enough to keep getting passed up to the next grade.

Peter got on well with the Breakers, tangling with various small-time gangs to keep his neighborhood safe. This eventually got him to butt heads with Liam O'Doole and the Saints, but they recognized a kind of kinship in one another. Sure, they had their differences and tended to scrap with each other as much as anyone else, but they all had an extreme dislike for the Russian Mob trying to take over the neighborhood. Whether it's the Breakers, the Saints, or one of the other gangs, Peter's got a selection of friends that'll gladly help him put foot to backside if it'll keep Konstantin Karkov out of South Boston.

Phase Two: Been In The (Gang) Wars, Ma

Of course, while the gangs have common enemies in Karkov's Mafiya, they have their own little turf wars with some regularity. Someone from the Breakers would break the arm of a Beckler Ave gang member, which would prompt Beckler Ave to smash up a Breaker's car. The Breakers would trash the store of a Beckler Ave notable, which would have the side effect of pissing off the Deadly Lane Boys. Invariably, Peter found himself caught up in most of these conflicts, helping lob firebombs around and otherwise being the Breakers' resident "firebug."

Of course, what none of them knew, and what Peter tried to keep them from finding out, was that sometimes he didn't need matches or to flick his lighter to get the fires to start. He experimented, in disused warehouses and secluded parts of Marine Park, with fuels and sparks and similar, and found he could get the fires to dance for him. As cool as it was, he knew instinctively that this was something to keep secret.

If it wasn't the perpetual gang trouble, then Peter wound up running afoul of the law. He's had his scrapes with the Boston PD in the past, for the fights and brawls of course, as well as B&E and on suspicion of arson. And of course, his family didn't much care for the crowd he ran with, neither his parents nor his extended family of aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Phase Three: We Don't Need No Drugs Here

Although Peter could make the flames dance, he had no inkling that there was anything more to it. That there was anything more to the world than the Have's (all them posh nancies at "Haavud" and whatnot, and greedy bastards like Karkov) and the Have-Not's (himself and the gangs). Life sucks for a lot of people, sure, and there's nothing wrong with drowning your sorrows and lamenting the way of the world down at the Five-Leaf Clover or that Biers place, but Peter drew the line at drugs. Anything stronger than cigarettes or marijuana (because seriously, what was the harm with that stuff) set his temper to blazing. And when his temper sets to blazing, stuff tends to burn.

The gangs had found out about a drugs lab down by Sharon's Park-- just over I-93 in Dorchester-- where the Ivans were cooking up heroin, or meth, or some other bad shit that was getting peddled to kids in South Boston. Peter volunteered to go take care of it, and went in at night, when it was less likely to have people in it. There were some, but he "persuaded" the one or two guards he found to get out of there. (Smashing one of them in the kneecap with his trusty baseball hat may have helped.) They weren't the only security, however, as Peter found himself face to face with a particularly tougher man, who just seemed to laugh off Peter's attempts at hurting him. At least until Peter, his blood up, flung a fireball in his face. The man's skin burned away to reveal the monstrous visage of a Red Court vampire, and it was distracted enough by this to then get hammered back over a table of flammable material, setting the table and the vampire on fire.

Peter made sure it wouldn't get up by smashing it over and over with his bat until it stopped moving, then got out of the building as it caught fire and burned down. He still has some nightmares about that creature's face, but he's not sorry about what he did to it. At first, he almost chalked it up to a contact high, but something-- maybe the song of the fire in his blood-- told him otherwise. He knows what he saw, and he knows it was real.

Phase Four: I Have Enough Trouble - guest starring Emma Baker

After the drugs lab fire, Peter was a lot more conscious of people watching him. He left out the vampire monster in his recap to the gangs, and even the mundane authorities chalked up the strange, charred animal carcass found in the burned-down building to a guard dog from the mob. The fire brought the attention of the White Council of Magic to Peter Salt's neighborhood, though. He noticed some college girl scoping him out, and not in the usual "horny college chick" way. He got enough of a bad vibe off of her that he started trying to avoid her. When she kept pursuing him, however, Peter caused a car to catch fire and used her distraction by the conflagration to make his escape.

Eventually, however, he did run across that college chick again, and this time there was no way he could slip away without possibly hurting other people with the flames. Her name was Emma Baker. She told him about magic, monsters, and the White Council of Magic-- and about the Laws of Magic, in particular the part about "Thou Shalt Not Kill." Peter, now he knew she was representing another aspect of authority, quickly tuned her out. He would do what he needed to do to keep South Boston safe.

Phase Five: Hey, Hey, Do That Jedi Thing - guest starring Jad Frost

One night down at the Five-Leaf Clover, Peter met Jad Frost, a gang member on the outs after a recent stretch "up Tufts-way" (i.e. the psych ward). Though most of the gangs had shunned Jad, a few of the lads-- including Peter-- were a little more welcoming. Peter, still angry after his run-in with Emma and his learning of the Laws, had his blood up and was eager to go commit some violence. Fortunately for him, Liam had heard of a "weird creep" stalking around Thomas Park, and Peter volunteered to go run him off. Jad, looking to earn back some respect, went with him.

They split up a bit in Thomas Park, but both ran across the "weird creep" about the same time. Said "creep" turned out to be a ghoul. Peter, despite a swing from his baseball bat that would have sent a baseball right over the Green Monster, ended up getting swatted aside by the ghoul, who tried to run-- and ran straight into a rock thrown straight in its face by Jad's kinetomancy. Jad kept it off-balance with another rock throw, just long enough for a furious Peter to hit it with a fireball. The ghoul was thoroughly "burninated," and the two ghoul-killers had found a kindred spirit of sorts, a kinetomancer meeting a pyromancer.

+4: Athletics
+3: Conviction, Endurance
+2: Discipline, Weapons, Fists
+1: Lore, Burglary, Alertness, Presence

Physical: 4
Mental: 4
Social: 3

Mild: ANY
Moderate: ANY
Severe: ANY

Stunts & Powers
Channeling [-2] (Pyromancy) (2 focus item slots)
Is That All You Got?! [-1] - Endurance (Tough Stuff)
Hey Batta Batta [-1] - Weapons (Riposte)
PWNADE(TM) - Serve up a glass today! | PWNZER - An act of pwnage so awesome, it's like the victim got hit by a tank.

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