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I saw an unpleasant experience at the bank one day. I had gone to pick up a change order, and there were 2 guys in front of me, cashing their paychecks from the same employer. Each gets a different teller, and teller #2 was faster than teller #1 (even though she started the transaction after #1 started).

So teller #1 looks over at #2 and asks, "How did you do that? The computer says the bank account is empty." Teller #2 points to her customer. "It's empty now. His paycheck just cleaned it out."

The 2 guys stare at each other in horror, one completely paid and the other screwed. I grab my change order and run. Since teller #2 knew exactly what was going down (she made a comment to the effect that the company had been doing slowly going under for a year), I thought it was a little mean of her not to warn everyone what was going on.
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