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That last part is what he is probably unaware of, and within your power to control.
As in, suggest to your company that these middle-of-a-holiday-weekend jobs are part of why it is so hard to find/keep competent people. Point out to them that bonus pay would go a long way towards mitigating that damage.
And suggest that in the future they tell that client that installations outside of normal business hours cost 50% more, and installations on holiday weekends cost double.

Maybe even point out that the bonus would not need to equal the increased fee.
No, you see, it is a privilege to work for my company; they are allowing us to show up and earn money. If any worker isn't happy and satisfied with this privilege, they are free to try to earn this privilege elsewhere. ... Hey, where'd everybody go?!? Bunch of ungrateful scallywags, go out and find a bunch of kids too stupid to know they are being abused. [/MMM MiM]

I have suggested handing out bonuses to the guys who deserve it and the reply ranges from thinking about it to the above attitude.

As for the client, they actually do pay a premium for any off business hours work done. My MiM has let that little factoid slip a couple of times, and I have discussed it with this client. He's got the budget room, so he doesn't care, and while he doesn't think it's right that we don't see any of it, he doesn't care about that either.
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