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Default Spambots

We've had three that we know about on this site so far, and I've had others on some of the other forums I run. They get signed on by humans, as far as we can tell, and then they get a bot to start PMing people automatically with a message along the lines of "Hi - I'm new here!" Their signature is a link for advertising.

Thanks to those who reported these scum quickly!

Unfortunately, this has resulted in us having to take certain actions - the spambots are always on accounts with zero posts, so unfortunately this means we've had to restrict those accounts with zero posts to not being able to PM. There's always the 'contact us' link, though, in case someone really does need to contact me with a problem.

This may impact on our ability to provide a service to people who need it, and I do regret having to do this, but I'm not putting up with those scum advertising to all and sundry.