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Okay folks, let's recap...again.

Anything that's offensive is what's being targeted. Personally, I can't see how "fruits of loins/labor" is offensive by itself, but as the saying goes, it's in the eye of the beholder (which ain't always us).

Basically we're after things that are above and beyond the call of duty as far as being either gross, rude, unnecessarily graphic, or all of the above. We're not going to produce a list of "bad" words because we count on our members to possess the ability to respect their fellow CSers and to refrain from posting things that condemn entire groups of people for their choices (or worse, condemn entire groups of people for choices they didn't make, since we're talking about kids here). Similarly, we also expect our members to know when something is actually meant to cause offense and when it's not, and not to simply fly off the handle at every perceived slight. (As you might expect, we've got our jobs cut out for us on that one. )

So, short story long, I'd say that "fruits of loins" or "fruits of labor" (nice double-meaning there, too, Blas) could be acceptable depending on the context.
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