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Yeah, that is distressingly common in the tech industry. The best he can do is slog through it, as most of them are set up to prevent you from fast-forwarding through the presentations. I don't know if it's just "we need to have material for all levels of experience including non-technical people", or what, but it's pretty common...
I figured as much, but it was still way too damn funny that the company didn't vet it first (not sure if something like recognition of prior learning could apply there).

My reaction when I heard the video was basically then (I don't work in IT, but I have a basic idea of how things work)

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And, of course, the vendor gets to be paid for each segment of training, needed, usable or not.
At least they're not falling into the other end of the spectrum, "Here's an outline and a worksheet. BYE!"
This is also true. I had this with the anti-bullying program my work thought was appropriate.