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Reminds me of when my workplace sent a bunch of us to a "customer service" training course. I stared at my manager when he told me it was a mandatory thing.

J2K: "So me-- the person who consistently gets positive feedback from customers, and who spent years in retail with similar positive feedback-- has to waste a day learning sh*t I already know?"
Him: "Afraid so."
J2K: "In that case... where's it being done? [Contractor Site]?"
Him: "Yes."
J2K: "That's five minutes from my house. Tell you what. Instead of driving all the way out to [Client HQ] for barely an hour's worth of work before driving all the way back to [Contractor Site] for an all-day class, then driving all the way back to [Client HQ] for, at best, half an hour of work before the end of my shift, how about I just skip coming to [Client HQ] altogether and just do the course and call the day early?"

He thought about it, and decided I was right. Given I'd be driving through rush hour traffic both ways having to go to and from [Contractor Site] to get to [Client HQ], it made more sense. So I enjoyed being able to sleep in a couple more hours and take a much shorter drive to and from the other facility.

The class was nothing I didn't already know, but it got me out of having to take calls for a day.
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