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Here's an update. . .about no update.

Three weeks ago today was the last time I heard from the attorney for the state, when she called me to say it needed just one last sign-off and would be ready to sign in a couple of days.

Two weeks ago today I called the attorney to check on what was going on and was told there was a dispute internally, over one single clause in the agreement, and that there was some shakeup in state government right now, but everything was on track.

That was 2 weeks ago.

The issue should be coming before the board for a final ruling again rather soon, since all we did was put it for a final ruling until the April board meeting to give us time to settle and drop the complaint.

If I don't hear something soon, then the board will convene and rule in my favor, and there won't be a settlement, and we'll see if they try to appeal it.

My wife wonders if they now want it to go on the record. . .so they can use the fact that it's on public record that my boss broke the law in ordering my termination to justify terminating or demoting him.

In any case, I'm rather nervous because I haven't heard any updates in a couple of weeks and am considering calling the attorney again, either later today or sometime tomorrow.