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Well, I called the attorney again, and I got an update.

The attorneys for the various offices and departments finally all agreed on the wording, they have a settlement agreement that every lawyer on their side agrees with.

They set up an appointment to take it to the Director to have him sign the document.

The Governor fired him the day before he was supposed to sign the papers.

We have a new Governor in our state. He's firing senior officials left and right, and he's replacing them with new ones. . .at his leisure. This is leaving gaps in various agencies and offices. He's not firing them pending the new appointee taking office, he's firing them effective immediately.

The person above the Director, over that entire division of state government and sitting on the Governor's cabinet, was just replaced too, but that person does have the legal authority to sign the document. So, the attorney is trying to set up an appointment with the new cabinet official to have them sign it in the absence of a Director. She said she hopes to have it ready to sign sometime no earlier than next Tuesday.

. . .if it wasn't for the retroactive pay clause that ensures I get retroactively paid for all this, I'd be a lot more pissed. I'm just making sure they aren't trying to back out.