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One slight problem, is that Warehouse agents usually (with Claudia and possibly Jinks as the exception, though with Jinks it was never covered) have to be Secret Service Agents (Is a maybe with Jinks as he was ATF, and they didn't mention whether he;d been moved into the Secret Service or what).

I had an idea for a character in WH13 that could possibly be used as an NPC in the RP, the character? Schrödinger's cat, at any given time that you look at it, it can be either dead or alive, look away and look back, and its either alive again if it was dead when you last looked at it, or it's still dead.

(To be honest I have an image in my head of Claudia going "Schrödie!" in an exasperated tone)

Though that idea did inspire another character idea, no name, but would be Valda's nephew, who is the head and sole proprietor of the Artefact Zoo, a sister organisation to Warehouse 13, except it deals with Artefact affected animals, or artefact animals/creatures. Such as the aforementioned Shrodie, The Snake (or Snakes) that killed Cleopatra, a Phoenix, the hound of the baskervilles and so on and so forth. He'd be kinda like Valda in his behaviour, although less serious, more open, friendly and a bit mischevious.

Or yet again, another character, this time, artefact effected. Again name not made up, but essentially, was a servant of Vald Dracula Tepes III, who drank from the cup of his master once, and thus became a vampire, although no magical powers, either kept hidden mostly by the regents, or bronzed (possibly of his own volition) and de bronzed now and again so that he can feed. Torn between the conflict of needing to feed, but not wanting to hurt anybody and also torn between the desire to keep on living and knowing the darkness in his soul from being artefact affected (thought him up at the end of season 2 as a balance to claudia's actions and intentions, to ward her off the course that she was on) Claudia would probably find him scary at times, but at the same time finding it awesome.
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