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The Lobby - Lupo, Kiki, Riley - Well, This is Escalating Quickly

Cleaver looks about ready to say something else when his coach-- his uncle-- puts a hand on his chest and pushes him back, Cleaver's posse moving aside to get him behind them, then squaring back up. Cleaver's uncle gives Lupo a look. "You know my nephew, don't you, Wolfe? Always shooting his mouth off. 'Course, he can back it up, which you'll find out when you square up in the ring tomorrow." He shoves his nephew. "Get on outta here!"

But then, so sotto voce it would have taken supernatural hearing to notice, Cleaver's uncle mutters to the posse, "Don't break him too bad. We don't want a forfeit, just an easier win." (Of course, there are at least three scions in the lobby, two close enough to hear it, and one which can see just how dangerous those four posse members are.)

Kiki would be able to see and sense the posse drawing in some power, but she would also be able to see that the boxer whom they're fixing to menace and/or try to rough up is a scion, as well. Riley went unnoticed by her until Kiki actually looked at her.

Which came right around the time that Riley starts raising a ruckus at the desk. This has the side effect of lowering the tension somewhat as the four disguised cyclopi (Lupo would not be able to detect anything unnatural about them as yet) turn their heads to stare over at the woman at the desk.

This distraction also has the added bonus of Cleaver turning to his uncle and muttering back at him, but too quietly for any ears to notice, particularly with Riley's noise in the way. Cleaver's coach sighs and taps the nearest posse member on the arm. "Come on, don't want to spoil the match tomorrow." He glowers at Lupo, and slowly the situation defuses. Riley's odds-calculating power can see that her interruption has shifted the odds away. Of course, now she's swinging the odds toward her getting banned from the hotel...

Which is when a familiar face saunters up to her. "'Ey, no call for dat kinda ruckus, chere." It's Mattieu Carrefour, the other poker player from the tournament in New Orleans. He flashes that charming grin and then turns to the clerk. "You don' worry none, I take care of Miz Thorsen. You jus' get someone up to her room and get her toilet fixed, no?" Then he turns back to Riley, all smiles. "You a good player, Miz Ry. Ain't never seen someone good as you, till I play my Papa, mind you."

Now that things are calming down, Kiki, if she were to look at Mattieu, would see the signs of another scion, but he seems much more shadowed in appearance through her lens. And for all her distaste for men in general, something in her would recognize that he is a pretty handsome one. Nothing overt, but just barely there. He is a charming one.

Cantwell Park - Liam - Talkin' With The Pictsies

Cantwell, the little fae spokesman, grins widely. "We-ell," he says, tucking his thumbs into the space where lapels would be if he were wearing anything that had lapels, and rocking back and forth on his heels, "we pixie fowk dornt dae anythin' fur yer bigjobs withit gettin' paid, ye ken."

This prompts an outburst of agreement from the others. "Aye!" "Payment!" "Gots ta git paid, ye bugger!" "Paid!" "In food!"

Cantwell silences them with a glance. "Aye, payment in food, ye ken." Then he grins. "An' wot kinna food does the pixie fowk want?"

The entire little group thrust their fists in the air with a shout of "PIZZA!"
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