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Riley - In the Lobby

Riley let's her scowl deflate when Mattieu finishes talking. Gives one last glare at the front desk person and then stalks away assuming Mattieu will follow. "I'm looking forward to the next match myself." She gives him a slight smile, "Especially because I have this sneaking suspicion that you threw away that last hand and let me win."

Liam - Trying not to Laugh

Liam coughs to rather unsuccessfully cover up a chuckle, "Pizza." He grins, "Roight, so all t'e trimmins? Or do ye want just plain cheese?"

After they reply he'll use his phone to call a pizza delivery in for Cantwell park. Once the Pizza arrives he will sit down at a bench take a slice for himself and set the box on the ground where the others can get at it. "Consider t'is payment ta start looking and once ye locate him Oi'll get ye anot'er." After considering for a moment he adds, "And don't go gettin' too close. MacBride is a dangerous man by all accounts."

Afterward he will set out for the hotel for what seems like the 100th time today.