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Hotel Elevator - Awkward Moment - Lupo & Kiki

Almost as soon as Kiki has sent out that text, the elevator suddenly cruises past both of their respective floors, stopping up at the twelfth. The door opens with the usual elevator 'ding,' and then Kiki's phone bleats another 'alert' sound, signifying another text from the "intel specialist." The text reads: Agreed. Time to meet. Room 1212. A&A are here. So's Brighton.

It seems whoever this 'intel specialist' is, they have some good skills to override the hotel's elevator like that.

Hotel Lobby - Flirting and Such - Riley & Mattieu & Oh Hai Liam

Mattieu is well aware of the scrutiny, but he's an expert poker player, and it's really difficult to read him. More than it had been in New Orleans. He shrugs at the question. "Since I could pick 'em up. Never wi'out a deck or two, me." And he demonstrates this by producing a deck from seemingly out of nowhere, pressing his hands together and fanning the cards out. With a grin, he de-fans them and then pockets the deck. "'Fore I got into hold'em, you coulda found me on de street, playin' Find-de-Lady with any mark comes along."

Liam's arrival is uneventful. The near-throwdown has already broken up, Lupo and Kiki have both left, and Riley is walking off with Mattieu. Cleaver, his Uncle, and the posse are now occupying the hotel's bar, where the fighter is angrily arguing with his coach about something. The posse, meanwhile, are scanning the area, not unlike bodyguards would do, but two of them watch Liam with beady, suspicious eyes. Liam's tattoo would feel almost itchy as they scrutinize him.
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