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The quote kinda came from my manager, who has heard a similar argument which actually was "The dog ate my laptop cable." (Yes, a student did actually use this excuse and yes, they did provide proof that the dog really did eat their laptop cable. We granted them an extension )

Yes, dogs can be that destructive.

The year: 1989. I was 19 years old (almost 20) working my first job at Bradlees department store and had come home from a late shift to find my computer wouldn't turn on.

Checked under the desk to see if any of the plugs were out of the strip and found two cables chewed up. One was the power cable that went from the back of the keyboard to the power supply, the other was the cable from the keyboard to the floppy drive (I had a Commodore 64C at the time.)

And who was the culprit? A tan/white furry ball called Pidge, who was a purebred Shih Tzu that Mom had just brought home a few weeks earlier. Needless to say, I was quite upset - even know the puppy was being, well a puppy, but she was not being supervised.

Searched the Yellow Pages (this was a few years before Al Gore opened up the Internet ) and found a place that sold Commodore software and hardware not far from my house.

Called them up the next day when they opened up and inquired about the cables. They had the cables and it would be $20 to replace both.

Got both of those replaced the following week . . . the dog left our house the following fall after we'd moved to another house - Pidge was a sweet dog but was getting to be too high maintenance (Mom ran an ad in the local paper and Pidge had a home by the end of the week - young couple came and fell head over heels upon meeting her.)
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