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More just the custy being a dick, correct?
Now it makes a whole lot more sense, thank you!

Sadly, where I work, on a Throwing A Fit scale of 1 to 10, that was about a .5. Applying for government aid is a process and always takes longer than anyone wants. Snipping at us workers over how long it takes is a very common waste of time, considering that we are timed and really want you gone fast.

Due to the fact that we are timed, I know that my client's interview took an hour and 57 minutes. Except for the form, a few key strokes and an email, I was done at 43 minutes.

By an hour and half, I was seriously considering forging her signature just so I could be done telling her things I had told her less than an hour ago. At an hour and 45 minutes, I was eyeing the fire alarm and wondering if tissue would stop me from leaving fingerprints if I pulled it.

You guys should be proud of my restraint.