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Yeah, they hosed you on the interest rate, but if you can do it in a year, it should not make enough of a difference. It sounds like the finance guy was at least a bit sympathetic And you *definitely* did the right thing by waiting until you were talking to the finance guy to strike garbage off of that bill (fees like the one you mentioned, excessive "document/filing" fees (over $100 or so),etc ^__^ That's the place to do it.
It was the finance manager that knocked off the extra $200. Which was 1/3 of the total price of the "paint protection package" (or whatever it was). There's a place here where I live where I can get my car fully detailed, washed, and waxed for a few hundred bucks, and if I want "ceramic coating", it's more, but it's a complete package.

What's weird, though, is that the salesman didn't give us a breakdown other than interest, term length, and anticipated monthly payment. I didn't find out about this other thing until we're sitting in the finance department.
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