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Why hello there!
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Default Why hello there!

So, I've been lurking about a month now, getting to notice certain people like Graverobber and Jester (easy names). I started out with reading the war stories because I was linked to it from the customers_suck forum in the livejournals. (I had read the vinegar story about a year sooner, but I think it was copypasted somewhere else)

A little about myself.

I am a female, quarter century old, southern california. Did some college while working, gave that up then got a good job in IT.

List of jobs. First job right at 18.
Gas Station graveyard shift only 12a-8a
Bowling alley
Delivering Newspapers
Radio Shack
IT helpdesk/phone wench

I have tons of stories from every job, some that I have mentally blocked out until something reminds me. (Just recently a conversation about Christmas trees reminded me that the people working at the tree lot would track dirt into the gas station, usually right after I cleaned it)