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*Enters room, bows solemnly, and gives a sly grin*
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Default *Enters room, bows solemnly, and gives a sly grin*

Hello, fellow CSers! After a year-long break from this website, I have decided to return. I see that some of you are familiar. I used to be on this website from March 2004-May 2005, but left because of school and a different, better job.

Now that I am back to another customer-related job (Chili's To-Go person) and I've had my share of crazy customers, I have decided to return! I hope to have as much fun as I used to!

~Silas G. T. Brontė

P.S. No more "Planet Fleabag" section? Oh, man! I used to love those, especially the one "Whah! My Breakfast didn't Smile at Me!"