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Oh and I forgot the best part of this story. Remember how she asked us to help her dial since she couldn't see? She'd had her eyes dialted at the eye doctor's office.

After she left, she got into her car...and DROVE. Now I can understand not having anyone to drive her to the appointment, but for the love of God...reschedule or take a cab! She couldn't see to sign her paperwork, dial a regular sized phone, anything! It was frightening.
Myra, when you get your eyes dialated, you just can't see about 2 feet in front of your face - you can't focus. Driving with her eyes dialted shouldn't be an issue - it doesn't affect any of your distance vision (I just had an eye appointment this morning, so I got to do the whole hold-the-paper-at-arms-length-to-read-it thing. I felt like an old person lol (I'm 21).

I understand your concern, but I'm pretty sure that she could see just long as she had sunglasses on.
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