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Oversized Images? Not Anymore!
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Default Oversized Images? Not Anymore!

We now provide a new way to link images, and put them into your post. This way doesn't save any bandwidth, but it keeps threads looking a lot nicer by having the browser display the images smaller, and having them linked so that everybody can pull up a larger version easily.

To use it, simply use WIMG, the same way you would use IMG in your posts.

For instance, in your posts, you would use this (minus the spaces):

[ IMG ] [ /IMG ]

Now, you just use this (again, minus the spaces):

[ WIMG ] [ /WIMG ]

And you get a result that looks like this (and don't forget, you can click the image to get the full size!):

So, let us know what you think, if you want to see different sizes, don't like it, etc.

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