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Crosshair is BAAAAAACK.
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Default Crosshair is BAAAAAACK.

Hi everyone. I looked at the last visited counter and I've been gone from here since 12/25/07. Allot has happened with me.

I cut my hair. No more Hippie Hair for me. Why?

I got a new Job. I now work at a local phone service company "RT". (No point in hiding the company name too much since it is a small company.) Don't worry, I'll still have plenty of stories involving our customers. I'm the field tech, AKA: "Cable Rat", that goes out and does new installs and equipment repairs.

What does RT do? Well, the side I'm on is the "Inmate phone systems". Yes I get to drive around North Dakota and Minnesota installing and repairing inmate telephone systems, camera systems, Digital informants, and Voicemails in the jails that the company has contracts with. (Yea, anyone with half a brain and Google will be able to figure out who I work for with that info.)

It's not as dangerous as it sounds. The inmates are either really cool to talk with and share stories with, or they are behind a 1/4" steel door.

I get good pay AND paid benefits (no dental). PLUS my boss backs me up when I need it. He also of course reams me out when I need it, but I haven't made any BIG mistakes. (OK maybe loosing the driveshaft on the pickup while driving down I-29 counts as a BIG mistake, but that wasn't really my fault to begin with.)

I hope to spend more time here and share some of the adventures I have on the road and in jail.
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