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When free isn't good enough
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Default When free isn't good enough

Well ... having been a member of this site for some years now, I suppose I wasn't TOO surprised to hear about this. (I wasn't there but heard about it from Head Cashier when I came in.)

My store had two weeks of a "Scratch and Save" event. You know how it goes: scratch the ticket and win the amount off your purchase, up to the full amount of your purchase. Up to, of course, an arbitrary maximum.

In our case it was a guaranteed minimum of $15, up to $1,000.

BUT ... here are the kickers (and I'm sure these are standard):
1) You DO NOT get a credit (if, say, you win $500 and you only spent $100, which was the minimum required to even get a card), and
2) You can't run back into the store and grab more stuff to bring your final bill up higher.

No doubt you see where this is going.

SC won BIG ... $1,000. BUT ... he'd only bought $100+ worth of stuff. So then the shitshow hit the fan.

He wanted a store credit. No.

He wanted to run back into the store and grab more stuff. No.

Then he started flipping out. He wanted to take a picture of the winning ticket. Head Cashier (HC) who had only just started her shift said no, it was store property. He wanted somebody to write on the receipt that he'd won $1,000. Nope.

SC argued and protested and yelled.

He finally demanded to see the manager. Manager was fetched.

SC went through all the same arguments, insulting the HC in the process. Manager stood firm and firmly behind the HC: No, SC couldn't get a store credit and no, he couldn't run back and buy more stuff. No, you can't photograph the ticket. No, neither the cashier nor the head cashier is required to write "WON $1,000" on your receipt. Manager also told him he owed the HC an apology (!)


Not good enough. Cue more ranting and raving.

He finally started with the tough stuff (?): photographing the picture of the store manager, which hangs on the wall behind the cash registers, and I don't remember what else. I believe he also threatened to call corporate.

I think he was in there for at least an hour and a half, trying to bend the rules and bend the staff to his will.

I'm pleased to say it didn't work.
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