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You're from Adelaide, South Australia if...

You have been to the club formerly known as Heaven at least once (and you were
under 18).

You have been to Glenelg and got extremely sunburnt

You know what fritz is

You go out to the same place EVERY Saturday night

You have the same friends from high school

You can't go out without seeing someone you know

You really miss the old Sizzler cheese bread

You like ugg boots, not moccies

You have a very strong opinion on Lleyton Hewitt

You have been to one of the following lookouts: Stirling, Mt Lofty, Penfolds
Rd, Sunnyside Rd, Eagle On The Hill, Montefiore Hill

You know who Stormy Summers is

You know what Fruchocs are

You believe that anything that has ever breathed or moved in Adelaide air
is 'Adelaide's Own'

You're well aware that for one month of the year, it is impossible to travel
from one side of the city to the other, and during this period you will
magically acquire a love of the arts, appreciation for world music, expertise
in food and wine and become completely immersed in the culture of horse racing.

You pour Farmer's Union Iced Coffee on your breakfast cereal.

You will never forgive Melbourne for stealing our Grand Prix. Never.

You know how 'dance', 'pool', 'castle' and 'graph' are SUPPOSED to be

You get offended when people from Western Australia call SA part of the "East Coast".

You insist on calling AAMI Stadium, "Footy Park".

You say a Pie Floater tastes great just to maintain your street cred.

You consider Coopers to be a food group.

You believe that other states' time zones are not good enough for us.

You acknowledge that, while half of our state is uninhabitable, you know that
it's still the greatest.

You think the 'Tiser has no journalistic integrity whatsoever.... and yet you
still read it every day.

You vote for Mike Rann in every State election, mainly because you can't
remember the other guy's name.

One word: Haigh's

You buy your CDs from shabby "Big Star" outlets

You know that Victor Harbor is the only place to be for Schoolies.

You forgave the Chappells for the 1981 Underarm Incident purely out of South
Australian patriotism.

You have a unfettered love of either Crows or Port to the complete exclusion of the other.

You know the people out on the Torrens are either tourists or rowers. No one
else would go near that water.

You think the Festival Centre is a wonder of modern architecture.

You console yourself that, despite all our faults, at least South Australia
wasn't built by convicts.

You can leave work at 5:15 and miss "peak hour traffic"

You're not scared by Aboriginals walking around Adelaide in speedos and gumboots

Your 'sports gurus' are KG and Cornesy

You know what a 'stobie pole' is

You don't know what the meaning of the "Mall's balls" but you make sure you meet people there

You either live on one side or the other of the great divide (Gepps Cross

You still claim Anthony LaPaglia as an Adelaidean cos he worked in a shoe shop in Rundle Mall once.

You're aware that everything is not just good, it's "heaps good"