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Name: Riley "Ace" Thorsen (Thor's Son)
Heritage: [redacted] (will come up eventually in role play, but it makes for better story if it isn't known ahead of time, though its probably really obvious from her description)
Occupation: Professional Poker Player
Power Level: Unawakened

Divine Aspect: Chaos Theory (Wits) – Riley is able to look at a situation, account for many if not all of the variables, and instantly make a judgement that will relatively predict the outcome. (Think of Cameron from Alphas or the Sherlock Holmes movies starring Robert Downey Jr) This makes her an expert poker/chess player and deadly in a fight as she can often predict what her opponent is going to do before they know they intend to do it.

The best description for Riley is plain, unassuming or average. Standing at 5' 4'' she is neither remarkably short or tall. She sports short dirty-blond hair and watery-blue eyes. She often dresses in plain t-shirts and loose fitting jeans so as not to attract too much attention. Her greatest strength is relying on others to not notice what she is doing before its too late.

Personality wise, Riley is the type to sit back and let others become victims of their own stupidity. If sometimes they need help getting there she has no problem helping things along, but she, rarely if ever, will tackle a problem head on. Instead she prefers to manipulate circumstances to such a degree that she backs others into a corner from which they are unable to escape.

Riley has no knowledge of her birth parents. She grew up in the United States foster system and bounced around from home to home until she ended up with Eric and Inga Thorsen of Detroit. There she lived a relatively normal and happy life. After graduating from High School as her class valedictorian she went on to college with designs on becoming a lawyer. It was then her adoptive parents fell on hard times and in a desperate measure she turned to gambling to try and earn extra money to pay for her tuition.

As it turned out she had a knack for playing cards and quickly was able to earn more money in a single day than she had ever hoped to see as a lawyer. Consequently she was kicked out and banned from the MGM Grand in Detroit. But that did not deter her. She eventually gave up on a standard career and turned to gambling full time to pay her bills and get by in the world.

Flaws: Riley gets bored easily and lacks the real patience it takes to be a full fledged conniver. It is this lack of patience that prevents her from being a truly frightening force.

Fate: Whether she knows it or not, fate, and her divine parent, have many ideas in store for her.

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