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Name: Fred Masters..Agent Silver
Place of Origin: Iowa
Background: Private investigator.
Abilities: Perfect memory, Heightened Observational Skills, and he has psychic visions * (see below)
Role: Investigator (field agent).
Skills : Basic Hand to Hand Combat, Firearm training (mostly small firearms), Knowledge of Most state and federal laws, Photography and film knowledge, Forensic Photography, Interview Techniques, Stealth and surveillance, Forensics and research/electronic surveillance.

When he first started having the visions he would pass out for hours, now even the most powerful of the visions would just bring him to his knees in pain. The majority of his visions are of the past, but a very rare few have been of the future.
Engaged to the amazing Marmalady. She is my Silver Dragon, shining as bright as the sun. I her Black Dragon (though good honestly), dark as night..fierce and strong.

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