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My best touchstone on the topic is purplecat's stories. The ONLY way to know that a customer in them is sucky is if you fill in the details and give PC the benefit of the doubt right from the get-go. That's why I defended PC so vigorously a few months ago; because writing style DOES make a big difference in what is and isn't perceived as 'suck.' (Which is what I think you were getting at a couple of posts ago Ree.)
So after reading PC's post for a few months and finding myself about to say "WTF? What's sucky about that?' I started to fill in from my own experiences, and then carried that to other posts.

As a quick addendum, another thing a good CSer keeps in mind is that human interaction is extremely subjective. I can deal with a failed scan "Must be free yuk yuk yuk." all day, but tossed change really gets to me. Others are the opposite, some are bothered by neither, and some by both. Amongst my friends, bodily injury is fairly laughable (Any crash you walk away from is a good one!) but Ree was upset by my initial photos to the CS album. I hope we don't end up appeasing the most common denominator here, but I hope we don't chase people away either. Tough line.