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Trixie, reminds me of a spechul snoflake we have who can NOT be bothered to find things herself. One day I was in the aisle that has dental products on one side and laxatives on the other (I know, not a pretty picture). SS comes down to me and says "where is (I forget what she asked for)??"

She was literally standing in front of it, but it was in back of her - does that make sense? In other words, she was in the exact place the product was, but had her back to it. I said "turn around".

Does she turn around? Oh yes! She does a 360 degree turn, so that she is facing the exact same spot she started in. <sigh> I have no patience with her ... because she's, you know, *needy*, so I said "it's right behind you". Then I walked away.

To this day, I don't know if she ever found it ;-)