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Where your money is set, if I have my hand out for it, and you ignore my hand, is where your change is going. Simple.

Do NOT ask for my movie recommendations, and then tell me I suck because of them, and insult me by buying a Pauly Shore movie. Pauly Shore could never live up to Jim Carrey in Liar Liar.

Any time you come into my store, and you ask me for a video game, and I point out we aren't a video game store, and the next words out of your mouth are "Game Stop told me..." I swear, you will get belted across the face. Game Stop did NOT tell you to come down the fifty feet or whatever to the movie store to buy a game that hasn't even hit a release date, No, we've never sold video games, and you're far too old to be making that mistake.
"I call murder on that!"