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Those are my *oof* schoolbooks and lunch ...
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Default Those are my *oof* schoolbooks and lunch ...

Head Cashier was cashing out some people today and I saw her looking extremely pissed off when a customer walked out.

HC: "Yeah, he 'forgot his wallet.'" She shoved some stuff off to one side.


She said the guy had gone to put down his backpack and it was very obviously packed full, and very obviously full of very heavy stuff, given the way he handled it and the *thunk* it made when he put it down.

Her consensus: it was a brazen shoplifter, who had packed his backpack full of stuff and then come up to the register with several items and then conveniently "forgotten" his wallet.

And no, he never came back WITH his wallet.

I do realize it's quite possible he was totally innocent, had a bunch of heavy personal stuff in his backpack, and genuinely had forgotten his wallet. But given our total lack of pursuit of people who DO shoplift stuff ... I think the odds are equal that he was not just an innocent but absentminded "customer."

Also, yes, I did post some time ago that there was some kind of managerial order (likely from Alien Queen) that Head Cashiers were NEVER NEVER NEVER to work a cash register.

Apparently "NEVER" is over.
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