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Questions for Lizzie Lock:
- Presuming that Lizzie's brother fought for the Alliance in the war, but regardless, what planet/battle did he die on/in? And please, don't make it one of the "known" battles listed in the source material. Let's try to diversify and come up with new "canon" stuff for our story.
- What firm/company does Nathaniel work for?
- Tell us the story of Lizzie's last great bender. The one that prompted her to limit herself to one drink and that perhaps she's most embarrassed about.
Yes, Andrew Lock fought for the Alliance. (Making up a battle here: ) When the Independents tried to free the planet Greenleaf in order to have access to its medicinal plants, Andrew was among the troops sent by the Alliance to reclaim it. He was struck down in the initial battle.

Nathaniel Lock works as an accountant for the Museum of Art at the Londonium Museum.

After seeing their final grades, a group of Lizzie's classmates decided to go out and celebrate their imminent graduation. Lizzie remembers little of that night except waking up, with a tremendous hangover, among a pile of passed out and snoring people. During the next few days, up to graduation day, Lizzie was approached by about half a dozen of her classmates as well as two people they must have picked up at one bar or another. All of them thanked her for the amazing time they had. One even asked where she learned "that thing." Lizzie tried to play it cool, but she regretted getting so drunk that she couldn't remember the great time she must have had. Lizzie already had a reputation at the school for being easy, so little changed in that regard. She still wonders if there wasn't more that happened that night that she doesn't remember/know.
"I look at the stars. It's a clear night and the Milky Way seems so near. That's where I'll be going soon. "We are all star stuff." I suddenly remember Delenn's line from Joe's script. Not a bad prospect. I am not afraid. In the meantime, let me close my eyes and sense the beauty around me. And take that breath under the dark sky full of stars. Breathe in. Breathe out. That's all."
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