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Blackadder: Oh, incidentally, Baldrick - actors are very superstitious. On no account mention the word *Macbeth* this evening, alright?
Baldrick: Why not?
Blackadder: It brings them bad luck and it makes them very unhappy.
Baldrick: Oh, so you won't be mentioning it either?
Blackadder: No... well, not very often.

Melchett: You used to have a rabbit. Beautiful little thing. Do you remember?
George: Flossy.
Melchett: That's right. Flossy. Do you remember what happened to Flossy?
George: You shot him.
Melchett: That's right. It was the kindest thing to do after he'd been run over by that car.
...George: By YOUR car, sir.
Melchett: Yes, by my car. But even that was an act of mercy when you remember that that dog had been set on him.
George: YOUR dog, sir.

Percy: Do not despair! For I have some small savings
carefully harvested from my weekly allowance, set aside against my
frail old age. By lucky hap, it is just over a thousand, methinks, and
for years has been hidden beyond the wit of any thief, in an old sock...
Percy & Blackadder: ...under the squeaky floorboard...
...Percy, Blackadder & Baldrick: ...behind the kitchen dresser.
Percy: [smiles uneasily] You've seen it, then.
Blackadder: Seen it, pinched it, spent it! And the same goes
for the two farthings Baldrick thinks hes got hidden inside that
mouldy potato.
Baldrick: Oh, bloody hell!
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