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#$%@@% sales tax forms.
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Default #$%@@% sales tax forms.

So 98% of the stuff I buy for my gunshop is online. Well big brother .stategov's have been sick at night over the loss of stales taxes to online sellers and browbeat them in to collecting even for out of state.
Being a re-seller I do the collecting not the paying. Most places are happy with the scan of my tax cert, there is a specific form for this in my state. Some want that. Ok
So the rant-
Places- quit being fucking bleeding fartholes and quit insisting I take your form, print it, fill it, sign it, scan it, resend it.
Here is my form with my info on it and signed, print, write in your info and cram it in your cram hole. Not ever in the 10 places I used them or got them has the revenue dept ever asked for them. Fcking Amazon even took it that way.

If it wasn't for you being my only real source for 100 year old gun parts I'd walk away.
I can get behind 2 elements of ‘gun control’:

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