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Jay has transformed into a slightly smaller version of Rick, but a bit 'thicker'. Hilda has a blue tinge in her skin, but otherwise is a slightly smaller (and less thick) version of Rick. As Rick bust down the door he notices six creatures that tower over even him.

Each stands almost 15' foot tall, and is almost as thick muscle wise as Jay is. Their wings would have given them a better advantage outside, but in the low ceiling offers no advantage. They pair up, two to each of the group, and charge forward without much consideration of self preservation. Rick notices straight off, that two of these creatures have whips with a blue looking flame, and swords covered with a frosty sheen and are heading toward Hilda. The other four have a red flame whip, and a sword that is burning. Apparently not only are they ready for is like they KNEW who was coming!

The room is circular in nature, with columns every 10'. The floor is some sort of clay/stone mix, and the ceiling is thatch. Because of the columns and size of the room, the larger Balor are actually at somewhat of a disadvantage..having trouble moving about...they might not have thought this trap out the best.

Vatican City

Mina hisses "It's a trap! Stealth is out of the window. My husband, let us show them why we have the reputation we do!" She transforms into her 'Vampire' form, all pretense out the window. Somehow she seems bigger then she was.

Dracule nods "Arisa, the target remains the same..we will cover you..get that to safety!" He transforms also, and also seems much larger then life. His movements are almost impossible to track as he charges into the people..who are transforming into the demons they actually are. He and Mina look like they have things handled..except a couple of demons heading straight for the cross.

Outside of Rome

Kriss nods. "As good a place to check as any. It does make sense, especially if it is someplace that is considered unsafe. Hide it in plain sight."

It takes awhile before the contacts are able to lead the trio to where most likely the spear is to be found. It was indeed an old ruins. What worries Lema most is the spider demons don't seem to be hiding when they arrive. Lema and Krisss transform. "Looks like we are expected. No matter, they do not seem to have any fire. Just make sure not to meet Krisss' eyes. It does not matter if living or dead, turning to stone is not a good thing. Now where is that Lloth..the true danger here?"

There is a small army of spiders demons. Not much of a threat to a zombie (their poison and such would not affect him, and none of them are big enough to bite his head off) why they are so brazen to be out in the open and visible is something to wonder about.
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